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Check out past issues of Smart Writing!, SwanShadow Communications’ bimonthly newsletter. It’s bursting with practical tips that will make you a better writer overnight. (Or at least, very soon.)

Here’s what our readers are saying:

I took a business writing class at the junior college last semester and learned a lot, but I could have saved a lot of time by just reading your newsletters! Smart Writing! is like having a little refresher course every two months. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Marie Runge, Nationwide Insurance
  • LATEST ISSUE! September 2003 (142kb PDF file) contains:
    • Induction or Deduction?: The way you should approach your audience depends on how much they know.
    • Format Like a Pro: Three quick tips for making your document look sharp.
    • It’s All About You!: Updating your resume? Keep these hints in mind.

  • June 2003 (147kb PDF file) contains:
    • Watch Those Word Traps: It’s not just what you say. It’s the words you choose when you say it.
    • Enough, Already!: Editing is vital. But know when to stop.
    • Three Keys to Marketing Success: Every communication needs this important trio.

  • April 2003 (155kb PDF file) contains:
    • I’m Stuck! Now What?: Break through the “writer’s block” barrier.
    • Heads Up!: Use a powerful headline to grab attention.
    • Three Questions to Ask After You Write: Make sure you’ve gotten your message across.

  • February 2003 (143kb PDF file) contains:
    • Check Your Facts: Take the time to get them right.
    • Consistency Counts: It’s not just the “hobgoblin of little minds.”
    • Three Things to Do Before You Write: Clear communication is organized communication.

  • December 2002 (143kb PDF file) contains:
    • Use the Right Tools: Six handy helpers for every writer’s desk.
    • Got Rock?: A clever device for remembering basic grammar tips.
    • Keep It Active!: Why the active voice is essential to good business writing.

  • October 2002 (144kb PDF file) contains:
    • Improve Your Business Letters: Five simple tips that will immediately improve your correspondence skills.
    • Get Your Readers to Act: Answering the “magic question.”
    • Why Most Web Site Content Doesn’t Connect: Common online writing errors and how to avoid them.

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