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Santa Rosa, CA — April 3, 2003. At a time when local and national security concerns are more critical than ever before, law enforcement agencies nationwide have gained an ally in their never-ending quest for qualified officer candidates.

Full Force Recruiting, a newly launched division of the award-winning advertising firm JB Communications, offers an innovative and diversified program of recruiting services tailored specifically to the needs of budget-challenged law enforcement agencies. Employing proven strategies and up-to-date research methods, Full Force Recruiting delivers powerful systems for attracting highly skilled, educated applicants, and improving employee morale and retention.

“Today’s law enforcement agencies face a two-part challenge,” says John Beilharz, Ph.D., founder of Full Force Recruiting. “Police and sheriff departments need to recruit a growing number of competent, capable officers. But they don’t have a lot of money to spend on recruiting, and they frequently spend their available funds on methods that don’t draw the kind or quality of applicants they’re looking for. Full Force Recruiting offers these agencies tested strategies, best practices, and high-impact marketing tools that generate results, all at a cost they can afford.”

Beilharz cites Full Force Recruiting’s latest agency survey as an example of his firm’s cutting-edge information gathering process. “We queried law enforcement departments across the western United States in November 2002,” Beilharz says. “The message comes through clearly in our survey analysis that agencies nationwide are struggling to find qualified candidates, especially women and minorities. But we’re also learning that most departments don’t know how best to solve this problem. Often, law enforcement agencies think they’re allocating enough resources to their recruiting campaigns, even when those campaigns are producing below expectations. Chiefs need help understanding what an effective marketing campaign really costs, and how they can maximize their resources to get the biggest bang for the buck.”

Through JB Communications’ years of experience in collaborating with law enforcement agencies, Beilharz and his team of specialists have developed a comprehensive approach to recruiting. Full Force Recruiting helps departments differentiate themselves by promoting each organization’s unique advantages. Using compelling graphics and targeted marketing principles, Full Force Recruiting creates effective, custom-designed promotional materials that build a strong, enduring brand image and a focused message. Depending on an agency’s needs, these tools may include print and broadcast advertising, videos, newsletters, brochures, Web sites, direct mail, and career fair materials. Full Force Recruiting also provides insightful strategic planning, media placement, and public relations support.

Full Force Recruiting is a division of JB Communications, a full-service business development firm offering comprehensive advertising, marketing, public relations and graphic design services. Founded by general partner John Beilharz in 1984, JB Communications supports its clients with a broad spectrum of value-added services, including brand development, strategic communications, event coordination, sales support and e-commerce marketing solutions. Visit Full Force Recruiting on the World Wide Web at, and JB Communications at

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