The Fastest Copyslinger in the West.

More than just ink on paper.



You’ve heard that, right? It’s the copywriter’s mantra when dealing with ad and PR agency clients.

Meet a different breed of copywriter.

I’m Michael Rankins, and this little wonder called SwanShadow Communications’s me. (Yes, Mr. Strunk, I know it should be “It’s I.” Rules were made to be bent.)

I’m the copywriter who doesn’t think fast, good, and affordable are mutually exclusive. I know you’re swamped, budgets are tight, and if the copy isn’t sensational, you may as well not bother. So I’m here to help.


When the big-name, ADDY®-winning copywriter tells you can have it in a month, that doesn’t cut it — not for you, not for your client. Even worse is that freelancer who snatches your assignment, then disappears like Jimmy Hoffa when the due date hits.

I eat short deadlines for breakfast, and I never drop one. Never. You tell me when you need it. If I can’t accommodate, I’ll tell you straight out. (Even if I “need the paycheck.”) Most likely, I can make it happen.



You’re thinking, I’ll be the judge of that. Be my guest. You’ll find that my copy sings, and sells. Warm, insightful, clever — whatever the product calls for, that’s what I’ll supply.

When you’re happy, and your client’s happy, then I’m happy. Why? Because you’ll call me again the next time you need great copy. And hearing that phone twitter or that fax hum always makes me happy. So I’ll run through fire (or maybe just that red cellophane that looks like fire) to hand you sharp, snappy copy every time, at the right time.


Sure, you can hire the college kid with the funny hair and the attitude for less. (You’ll get what you pay for.) But compared to most of the copywriters who hound you for business, I’m astonishingly reasonable.

Here’s why: I only bill for the time I actually work. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you and I both know a lot of padding goes on. Not here. I like to sleep easy at night. Every minute on my invoice represents genuine value. I’ll even show you my stopwatch if you like.

Besides, as I’ve mentioned, I work fast. Incredibly fast. No hours wasted, no extra cash bloating your budget for a writer who’s watching Oprah while the meter’s running.

See? You can have it all — fast, good, affordable. But only when you summon up some SwanShadow magic to resolve your next copywriting or copy revision emergency.

Call SwanShadow today. You’ll get copy that’s more than just ink on paper.



Meet the Wizard.

Michael Rankins is one of the most skilled editors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He is also a talented writer capable of delivering complex projects with amazing speed.” — Theresa Hedges, Public Relations Professional

I’ve been a communications pro for 15-plus years, much of it in the world of corporate communications. For over a decade, I worked as a staff writer, newsletter and collateral editor, and Webmaster for a health services company.

Somewhere in my sock drawer, I have a B.A. in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University. I credit my training in broadcast journalism for at least some of that “amazing speed” referenced above.

I’m a contributing writer for the largest DVD review site on the Internet, and a member of the Bay Area Editors’ Forum. I was also an undefeated champ on the TV quiz show Jeopardy! and have the videotape to prove it.

Most importantly, I’m the solution to your copywriting conundrum. Call me.

Let’s talk: 707-585-8224.


Big Guy. Big Talent. Big Pencil.

SwanShadow’s Repertoire:

  • Ad copy.
  • Editing and proofreading.
  • Marketing collateral.
  • Newsletters.
  • Press releases.
  • Speechwriting.
  • Targeted reports and feature articles.
  • Web site content.


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